Helpful Tips For Pregnant Women Amid COVID-19

Instead of the usual pregnancy panic, expecting mothers experience a heightened pregnancy problem – a pandemic. If pregnancy weren’t stressful enough, pregnant women are worried about the effects of COVID-19 on their pregnancy.

Their questions lie in line with whether I have a healthy pregnancy, where I can give birth if not in the hospital, and how I can ensure my baby’s health. This worry and anxiety are not helping anybody. It is taking an emotional and mental toll on our pregnant mothers in a time supposedly for celebration and joy.

We can still do our best to have a healthy pregnancy. Robyn Horsager-Boehrer, M.D. gave a powerful reassurance to the worrying expectant mothers during this time. “It’s normal to have fears and questions in uncertain times, and we are here to support you,” she says.

Eat Good Food

Junk food and comfort food may help us soothe the stresses but keep introducing healthy food to your diet. Sneak in a few sweets, but don’t forget to eat your leafy greens, proteins, vitamins, and minerals to your daily meals.

Practice Mindfulness

Since stress comes from this feeling of helplessness or restlessness, pregnant women should find recreation in mindfulness activities. Practicing yoga, meditation, or other forms of exercise helps.

A simple breathing exercise expectant mothers can perform is the 4-7-8 rule. They will inhale for four seconds. Then, hold the breath for seven seconds. Finally, exhale for eight seconds. Mindful breathing can help us get a sense of control even if it is our breathing, and later on, it will help us keep calm.


Good Sleep

During these times, pregnant moms need to rest more than ever. Make sure to get peaceful sleep around seven to eight hours each day. To get enough sleep, try going to bed at a consistent time every day. Keep away from caffeinated beverages a couple of hours before bedtime, and stay away from social media or news. Doctors advise you to shut off your devices at least two hours before bed.

Skip The Baby Shower

We need to skip the baby shower or any social gathering, which will jeopardize social distancing. As an expecting mom, friends, and family will understand that it isn’t a priority. If you wish to push for a baby shower, creative ways to hold one is through an online party.


Obstetricians and midwives apply a similar strategy in sticking to regular check-ups. They use digital tools and technology to get in touch with patients and clients, which is the best next thing we can all do right now to avoid human contact.

A simple call or video conference can help mothers connect with their health practitioner. This simple conversation can ease a lot on a mother’s worried mind.


Pregnancy Plan

The uncertainty of the situation is challenging to deal with already. But, creating a pregnancy plan is also one of the ways to help. It enables pregnant women to gain a sense of control over the situation. Moms and partners should prepare who to call when it’s time.

Aside from readying the hospital bag, they should already know where to have the pregnancy and who will accompany mom. By having a plan, predictability is low, but it helps lay out a path to follow.

They should assess whether they want to carry out a home birth or have the baby in the hospital. Some parents fear contracting the virus in the hospital, given the sheer number of patients, but hospital protocols ensure the safety of other patients. 


Relationship With Your Health Professional

Partners should build a healthy relationship with a supportive midwife or obstetrician. As doctors and nurses mostly handle COVID cases, they are the ones to focus their attention on your childbirth. Find a supportive birthing specialist, and don’t be afraid to ask them questions. 

Pregnant women face extra emotional and mental stressors during this pandemic. To keep the mother and baby’s health in check, we must practice basic social distancing protocols. Among other tips that can help alleviate this stress on an expectant mom’s shoulders are taking care of their bodies. Healthy food and enough sleep can shoo away restless nights. 

Meanwhile, mindfulness and a pregnancy plan consulted with your health provider will help you get that control you need. Things may be uncertain, but what we do to cope is still within our capabilities. To all expectant moms out there, we hope these tips helped you. You’ll do great!